ringlayer robotic is being redesigned and will be released once our robotic product finished ... estimated around 2017-2018
stay tuned ...

"Ringlayer.com - Ringlayer.net - Cool Robots, Electronic, Gadgets and Open Sources" Ringlayer's hardware products - airhax - an evil twin wireless device, can operate aircrack,running on kali linux @ARM Cortex-A7 - 1 ghz clock speed - powerbox - 19,5v 4,2 amps portable power supply for laptop;with 5v for mobile phone - julia robot - a robot with ai, designed to run on airport and home (social robot) Opensource Downloads: rldns 1.0 (lightweight dns server, os:linux,netbsd,freebsd,openbsd, arch: x86, x86_64) download: rldns-1.0.tar.gz download: rldns-1.0.tar.bz2 rldns-1.1 (lightweight dns server, os: linux, netbsd, freebsd, openbsd, arch: x86, x86_64, arm) download : rldns-1.1.tar.gz download : rldns-1.1.tar.bz2 xingyiquan linux kernel rootkit for kernel 2.6 and kernel 3.x download : xingyiquan.tar.gz download : xingyiquan-rc.tar.gz (xingyiquan with rc script) rldns-mitm (modified rldns version 1.1 to support mitm, whatever dns request received will always return a single ip address, which has been assigned via command line argument, usage: ./rldns spoof_ip_address, e.g : ./rldns download: rldns-mitm.tar.gz download: rldns-mitm.tar.bz2 rsharp - images blur/sharpness percentage toolkit download: rsharp.tar.bz2 doc: rshap_usages.pdf Demo simple face recognition video: face.tar.gz md5sums: 1a6675bec2e4e0182133a1597443f283 face.tar.gz 0ff54b024b64c4bf409da6fc84703fec rldns-1.0.tar.gz fa1b4c747d0ea7b13c02993fbb0336e7 rldns-1.1.tar.gz f06203709b6ea6684ebd8c8c0c94f4bd rldns-mitm.tar.gz 9b1ca27fb1199ff1fb1924ce73c2dd07 xingyiquan-rc.tar.gz b30fabb981990fd9798dfbb823d94207 xingyiquan.tar.gz 2cd82ba42ae99e384d7a6ed32b988748 rldns-1.0.tar.bz 659d491c317dab812f8e2d28dfaa1fc7 rldns-1.1.tar.bz2 e8fef3d53fcdee372cc885fff06b67d0 rldns-mitm.tar.bz2 8cf92ddffd195e1f7b7864451d1a00dc rsharp.tar.bz2
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